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Healthcare & Social Domain

The legislator is constantly looking for a balance to control the rising healthcare costs and stimulate quality through demand control and competition but also collaboration. This search for balance leads to frequent adjustments and tightening of the laws and regulations in the healthcare sector and the social domain (social support and youth aid).

New insights, developments and policy adjustments call for legal service providers that keep track of the situation, follow trends and new developments closely and are able to brainstorm with healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, resource suppliers and municipal authorities to anticipate these (legal) developments proactively and in good time on the basis of their various roles and responsibilities.

For example, what does the switch from performance-based to outcome-based financing (according to the principles of Value Based Healthcare) mean in terms of healthcare contracting? What requirements does this place on the strategic positioning of your healthcare organisation and the partnerships within which the healthcare organisation operates?

Our approach

High-quality legal services in the healthcare sector and the social domain call for in-depth sectoral knowledge such as specialised knowledge of and insight into sector-specific laws and regulations. It is also crucial to keep a close eye on legal developments. We have firmly anchored this specialised knowledge and experience within our firm and, as such, are ideally positioned to act as a high-quality knowledge partner in disputes, policy, strategic and organisational issues.

Our experience

  • Healthcare & Social domain
  • Healthcare contracting, price regulation & insured claims
  • Collaboration, structuring & governance
  • Youth care & social support
  • Quality, supervision & enforcement
  • Medical liability, Compliant & Disciplinary Law
  • General health law & patient rights

Our clients

Healthcare providers, the medical and medical devices industry, municipal authorities, individual practitioners and healthcare entrepreneurs.

Recent cases Healthcare & Social Domain

  • Proceedings on the merits against a health insurer about the unlawful termination of a healthcare contract and the health insurer’s refusal to conclude new healthcare agreements
  • Conducting objection and appeal proceedings against the Dutch Healthcare Authority on behalf of regional ambulance services (RAVs) regarding the regulation of prices and budget for ambulance healthcare

The team's "in-depth knowledge of contracting matters between healthcare providers and healthcare insurance companies, including experience in court cases." Another commentator appreciates that the firm is "great in healthcare and, in particular, medical specialist care."

Band 3, Chambers 2021 

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