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Liability & Insurance

When it comes to liability law, the principle applies that everyone must bear their own damage or losses. Nonetheless, the number of claims for damages continues to rise.

Our approach

Van Benthem & Keulen's Liability Law team works effectively. We are very well versed in procedural law and regularly conduct proceedings on the merits of cases and partial dispute proceedings, and we act as respondent or applicant in preliminary expert’s reports and witness hearings. We also assist employers in proceedings to challenge a fine imposed by the SZW Inspectorate.

We have a strong network of medical advisers and experts who can advise us – where necessary – on the non-legal aspects.

All lawyers in our team are members of the Association for Health Law (VGR) and several are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA), the Association for Liability and Damages Law (VASR) and the Association for Young Professionals in Personal Injury Law (VJPP).

Our experience

We advise and conduct legal proceedings with respect to a wide range of subjects with a focus on personal injury claims. This concerns not only the assessment of liability and the required causal relationship, but also the determination of damages.

  • Medical liability
  • Employer’s liability
  • Traffic liability
  • Unlawful acts in general

Our clients

The lawyers in the Liability and Insurance team exclusively represent liability insurers, companies and hospitals.

Recent cases Liability Law

  • Assisting care institutions, medical partnerships, midwives, general practitioners, dentists, paramedics and other medical professionals in defences against claims for damages, disciplinary cases and procedures under the Wkkgz (the Netherlands Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act)
  • Proceedings on the merits and subdisputes that focused on non-objectifiable complaints (such as whiplash and dystrophy) and in which causality was at issue