The number of fraud cases in the Netherlands continues to increase every year, but this is not unusual. The number of fraud reports as well as the financial losses caused by fraudsters and scammers has also grown worldwide in recent years. The methods and techniques used by fraudsters to extort money from people are becoming increasingly inventive and sophisticated. We are no longer talking about poorly set out and obviously "fake" invoices. 

What is fraud?

Fraud occurs when a person, organisation or the government is intentionally deceived. A fraudster presents things differently than they are in order to obtain an unlawful advantage at someone else's expense. There are many different forms of fraud, such as scams, money laundering, identity fraud and corporate fraud.

Preliminary investigation to prevent fraud

If you are considering providing services or products to a new client or customer, it is advisable to conduct a preliminary investigation. How long has the company been in existence? Is the Chamber of Commerce registration correct? Does the website look trustworthy? Indications of untrustworthiness include:

  • A website with few features
  • Mention of just a mobile number along with gmail or hotmail addresses
  • Mediocre grammar and spelling

Fraud and/or unethical conduct within your own organisation

Fraud is not always committed by unknown parties; it could occur within your own organisation too. Internal policies (e.g., the "four eyes principle" when making payments) and internal rules of conduct are important to prevent internal fraud and/or unethical conduct.

This is what Van Benthem & Keulen can do for you

Fraud can occur at all levels of your organisation, and there are many forms of fraud. Legally, fraud cases usually demand a multidisciplinary approach. Van Benthem & Keulen's Fraud team consists of lawyers specialised in various areas who are accustomed to working together on fraud cases.

We provide proactive support following any suspicion or discovery of fraud or other abuse. We will help you find out if there are any third parties, such as your bank, who can conduct their own investigation into financial flows and advise on what further steps to take. We can also advise you on any steps to take under employment law such as suspending the employee in question pending the investigation and possibly issuing a summary dismissal In cases of suspected fraud and/or unethical conduct in your own organisation.