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Family Law Mediation

In recent years we have seen a clear trend, stimulated in part by the government, towards settling divorces by mutual agreement wherever possible. This seems simple enough, but divorce proceedings or a cohabitation breakdown mean a great deal to those involved. It's often difficult to keep communicating constructively with each other. Through mediation, we help you to maintain (or learn) good communication and resolve your problems. Mediation can be preferable to litigation, especially if there are children involved.

Through mediation, the parties involved try to find a solution to their dispute under the guidance of a neutral mediator. Whereas litigation sometimes takes a long time, disputes are often resolved quickly through mediation. Mediation is often more likely to produce a win-win situation for both parties rather than protracted litigation with winners and losers. Moreover, mutual understanding often causes less damage. Mediation therefore has many advantages.

Our mediators have undergone specialised mediation training. In addition, they have all the requisite legal knowledge in areas such as divorce settlement, terminating a cohabitation, and inheritances.

Collaborative divorce

In a Collaborative Divorce, you each have your own lawyer and a joint coach. The separation is finalised with this team. It is agreed in advance that you will reach a solution by mutual agreement and that there will be no litigation. If necessary, we also involve an impartial financial advisor.

If at any point proceedings do become necessary, each party will engage a different lawyer. Collaborative divorce is a relatively new way of settling the consequences of divorce and may be a good solution for you, too. We have extensive experience in conducting collaborative divorces and will be happy to tell you about the options available.