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Corporate Law Mediation

Mediation is a modern form of dispute resolution without the intervention of a judge or arbitrator. Through mediation, the parties involved try to find a solution to their dispute themselves under the leadership of a neutral and impartial mediator. 

Mediation has many advantages. While litigation can be very time-consuming, disputes are often quickly resolved through mediation and are less costly. It also appears that mediation is more of a win-win situation for both parties than lengthy proceedings with winners and losers. Moreover, the mutual relationship often suffers less damage and it is also possible to find solutions outside the legal frameworks. Contrary to, for instance, the government judicial system, mediation is informal, private and the parties and the mediator sign a document to confirm strict confidentiality.

Our experience

Our firm has several experienced and certified mediators, who work across the different practice areas. Examples of business mediation include the following areas of law and subjects:

  • Business law: disputes between shareholders about guarantees issued.
  • Contract law: disputes about purchase or service agreements and disputes about (the termination of) continuing performance contracts such as agency, distribution and/or franchise contracts.
  • Construction law: disputes within a construction team, between the various parties involved in a construction project or following construction delays or insured (or uninsured) damage.
  • Negotiations broken off: disputes about whether a contract was concluded and/or whether the parties can go their separate ways (without damage).

And on a final note, based on their mediation knowledge, our specialists, in their capacity of party counsellors, can also offer advice about and are involved in a mediation procedure.