Sector Energy


The energy transition and the target in the climate agreement to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030 present the Netherlands with an enormous challenge: how will we divide and redevelop the living environment? We are also seeing a trend of climate change adaptation becoming more important. What measures, for example, can we take as a result of global warming. All this has a major impact on the Energy sector. 

The specialists of our Energy sector team are able to advise and assist in every link of renewable energy projects, such as constructing a wind farm, solar park or CO2 storage, or biogas plants and switching to gas-free housing. We can advise you on the most suitable legal forms, financing options, integration in the area, and also on granting or obtaining the required subsidies, permits and permissions.


  • Legislation regarding electricity, gas and (public distribution of) district heating
  • Subsidies
  • Planning and zoning law
  • Environmental law
  • Land development
  • Obligations to tolerate
  • Expropriation and the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act
  • Municipal tax on encroachments on or above public land
  • Cables and pipes
  • Compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts
  • Property (tenancy rights/rights of superficies)

    Recent cases

    • Advising a municipality on the process of granting an all-in-one permit with limited environmental impact assessment (OBM) for a wind farm
    • Advising on subsidy for sustainable energy production (SDE+) in connection with a share transaction relating to a wind farm
    • Advising a project developer on the process of obtaining a permit and buying land for a solar park
    • Advising a municipality on tailor-made requirements in an all-in-one permit for physical aspects concerning a wind farm
    • Advising on mandatory connections under the Heating Supply Act
    • Advising on the imposition of obligations on property owners to tolerate gas pipes, power cables and wind turbines