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Procurement Law

Tendering has become an integral part of our legal system and it is hard to imagine a world without it. The number of tenders is rising sharply and sustainability and innovation are becoming increasingly important. Within the social domain, we are seeing an increase in the number of tender disputes. In short, procurement law is prominently on the map.

However, the procurement process can be complex. Are you aware of the latest developments?

Our approach

The lawyers of the Procurement Law team understand the dynamics of a tender procedure and play an active and enterprising role in it. They are practical, tell you what is possible and advise you what to do, without fuss. They know the interests that are at stake for the client and the tenderer and help you with practical insights and down-to-earth business acumen. The lawyers in our practice group also have a great deal of practical knowledge and experience in the field of voluntary tenders.

Our experience

  • Advice on the design of your tender
  • Supervision of contacts with candidates or tenderers
  • Looking after your interests in relation to (potential) tenderers
  • Interlocutory proceedings
  • Advice on your application or registration
  • Supervision of contacts with the contracting authority
  • Representing your interests in relation to the contracting authority

Our clients

We represent both clients (contracting authorities) and contractors (candidates/tenderers), so we know from experience what is going on on the other side of the table. In addition, we constantly keep an eye on the (commercial) relationship between the parties and ensure that your interests are optimally represented.