Walter Engelhart
Lawyer | Partner Procurement Law

Walter Engelhart

Lawyer | Partner Procurement Law

Walter Engelhart has worked as a lawyer at Van Benthem & Keulen since 1999. For the past twenty years, Walter has focussed his legal practice in the area of procurement law. He furthermore has experience with contract law. Walter has been a partner and led the Procurement Law team since 2010.

What distinguishes Walter as a lawyer is that he always puts service first, thus establishing lasting relationships with his clients. A core quality of Walter is his ability to explain complex matters in simple terms.

Walter advises and assists clients in matters of procurement law and/or contract law. Where necessary, he uses his expertise and broad experience in litigation.

Walter's clients are not only government and semi-government authorities but also companies in the service, production industry and construction sectors.


  • Procurement law
  • Contract law

About Walter Engelhart

Walter regularly gives presentations and workshops and speaks at seminars and other meetings on topics in the area of procurement law.

Walter acts as a peer supervision (Intervision) moderator and is listed in the Peer Supervision Moderators Register (Register gespreksleiders Intervisie) of the Dutch Bar Association.

Walter is a board member of the Dutch Association for Procurement Law (NVvA).