German Desk

Germany is the Netherlands' largest and most important trading partner. That is why Van Benthem & Keulen has an active German Desk that advises and assists clients from Germany and the Netherlands in doing business across the border. We assist German companies that want to gain a foothold in the Netherlands or, for example, need to negotiate with a Dutch supplier. Even if the Dutch subsidiary of a German parent company runs into economic difficulties, or if the Dutch subsidiary with a German parent company needs a new director or management, we have the expertise to assist it properly. Equally, we help Dutch entrepreneurs who want to conclude contracts with German companies.

Having correct legal knowledge and speaking the language is not the only important aspect when doing business with German companies, or vice versa when doing business in the Netherlands while being from Germany. In our experience, knowledge of cultural differences also plays a significant role. Our specialists are educated in both the Netherlands and Germany, are fully bilingual and familiar with the culture, so that you receive optimal assistance.

The areas in which we advise include:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and (general) terms and conditions for use in the Netherlands
  • Advising on the incorporation of legal entities by German companies in the Netherlands
  • We advise in disputes between shareholders
  • Advising on cross-border corporate law issues, including those concerning financing, but also governance structure, liability, accounting and financial statement requirements
  • Advising on cross-border insolvency law issues, e.g. for distressed companies (directors' liability, irregularities including actio Pauliana/avoidance actions, restructuring and WHOA, other insolvency law aspects including claim filing, retention of title and other security interests)
  • Advising on employment law issues, e.g. replacement of board and management at Dutch subsidiaries in German groups (suspension, dismissal, severance pay, competition clause, etc.)
  • Advising and litigating in all kinds of proceedings, for German companies in the Netherlands

Our German Desk team