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Commercial Tenancy Law

The conditions in the property market are changing, as are the regulations. The ever ongoing upward trend in online sales has a major impact on property in the retail landscape. Many retail properties are vacant. It then seems easy to undertake another operation in retail premises. But is it? From 1 January 2023, offices must have an energy label C. That date seems far away, but how should you deal with this if the lease has to be renewed soon? Who bears the costs? What are the consequences if the building does not meet the standard?

Our approach

The commercial tenancy law experts at Van Benthem & Keulen are well-versed in these kinds of issues. They are experienced lawyers with in-depth and specialist knowledge of tenancy law. They advise and litigate, both for and against governments, professional property managers, investors, entrepreneurs and admitted institutions (housing corporations). In addition, our lawyers have in-depth knowledge at the interface between the lease of healthcare property and the financing of healthcare property at healthcare institutions. They frequently work with the care and social domain practice group.

Our experience

  • Defect and maintenance issues
  • Substitution proceedings
  • Rent disputes
  • Notice of termination
  • Insolvency
  • Transformations of healthcare property
  • Lease of health care properties
  • Financing of healthcare property and institutions

Our clients

We work for public authorities, professional property managers, investors, entrepreneurs and accredited institutions (housing corporations) and healthcare property.

Recent cases Commercial Tenancy Law

  • Various disputes and proceedings for housing corporations specialised in housing for the elderly in respect of requests for rent review for a healthcare institution with a view to changed healthcare funding
  • Negotiations and drafting lease agreements for the relocation of a Swedish industrial company