We make legal services Privacy
by design


The GDPR demands a lot from companies and governments in terms of compliance and governance. In addition, data subjects are increasingly invoking their rights under the GDPR and the Dutch Data Protection Authority is exercising its enforcement powers. We can assist your organisation in proceedings, drafting and negotiating contracts, and are happy to advise on compliance and governance.

Our approach

Our lawyers have a result- and solution-driven approach. We look for a suitable solution for the moment as well as a strategy that delivers the best results in the long term. Our service provision is by design: our services are highly specialised, practical and focused on providing customisation for your organisation. We are involved with our clients and set great store by a lasting relationship. Our team has extensive experience and knows the playing field, enabling us to deliver high quality in a pragmatic way.

Our clients

Our team serves national and international companies of various types and sizes. Our client base includes:

  • Software vendors
  • (National) transport companies
  • Healthcare institutions, including (university) hospitals
  • Retailers
  • Banks
  • Financial service providers
  • Fintech companies
  • Educational institutions