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Administrative Law

The General Administrative Law Act (Awb) has been in existence for more than 25 years. The introduction of this law ensured that administrative law became a fair bit more accessible and less ambiguous. However, the Awb is not a static law. Indeed, the Awb is constantly in motion. On the one hand, due to court rulings (consider in this regard the verdicts on the principle of legitimate expectations and the forbearance decree). And on the other hand, due to new legislation, such as the Open Government Act (Woo), which has supersede the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob) and the Digital Government Act (Wdo). What are the most recent verdicts and what new legislation is to be introduced? What is the impact of these on the matters you are working on at present or will be working on in the near future?

Our approach

Your perception is that the complexity of projects is increasing because of all the developments and the impact is considerable. Hence you are seeking legal specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of administrative law who understand the impact of the developments on your projects and your work and will provide you with pragmatic and appropriate advice. Our team Administrative Law consists of experienced lawyers who are well versed in all aspects of administrative law. In addition, they keep a close eye on both legal and market developments and are able to respond and advise properly. In order to serve you optimally and from different disciplines, we work closely with our specialists in the fields of tendering, state aid, competition, property and corporate law.

Our experience

  • Regulation and enforcement
  • Permits
  • Open Government Act (Woo)
  • Public order and security
  • Subsidy
  • Competition
  • Administrative fine
  • Integrity and Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act
  • Privacy and data processing

Our clients

We advise and litigate in matters involving the government, litigating both for and against government authorities.

Recent cases Administrative Law

  • Advising and legal representation of a municipality in relation to exclusion orders and restraining orders
  • CBB proceedings for major transport company about area-related subsidy and innovation subsidy
  • Proceedings for municipality with Central Board of Appeal against Minister for Social Affairs and Employment about division of welfare benefits
  • Conducting proceedings concerning the rerouting of cables and pipes
  • Proceedings at the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBB) regarding a public interest decision under the Public Enterprises (Market Activities) Act
  • Advising a municipality on allocating rights to scarce public resources / Services Directive (operating permits for sightseeing boats)