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Restructuring & Insolvency

Although the economy has flourished in recent years after the prolonged recovery from the credit crisis, there will always be periods of financial difficulty. Companies, small or large, may be affected to a greater or lesser extent. Good advice and timely restructuring – especially in times of economic prosperity – can turn the tide for a large number of companies.

Our approach

The Restructuring & Insolvency practice group of Van Benthem & Keulen is concerned with corporate restructuring and winding up bankrupts’ estates. We are specialists in finding solutions and carrying out rescue operations when companies are in or on the brink of financial difficulties. Even when companies are faced with a trading partner in financial dire straits, we provide them with practical advice.

We possess both legal and sectoral knowledge and have extensive experience in assisting (the management of) large and smaller companies.

The lawyers of the Restructuring & Insolvency team stand out with their legal expertise and their ability to work towards pragmatic solutions in particular. With the law in hand, they take a pragmatic approach and provide concrete and business-oriented advice that can be applied directly.

Our experience

  • Advice on restructuring options for your company
  • Advice on your position as a director and/or shareholder
  • Advice on loss mitigating measures in the event of a trading partner's insolvency
  • Advice on the acquisition of a bankrupt (division of a) company

Our clients

We represent virtually all types of companies, from small to large, including international groups and their officers.

Thanks to our worldwide network, we have all the expertise to handle international cases successfully for you.

In addition to the restructuring practice, we also run an extensive insolvency practice. Our lawyers are regularly appointed by courts as administrators in moratoriums or receivers in bankruptcies.

Here you will find all recent insolvencies in which Van Benthem & Keulen was involved as a receiver. Download the most recent insolvency reports (Dutch only)

Chambers: Testimonials from cliënten about the team

Van Benthem & Keulen has a very reliable insolvency team.

Band 4, Chambers 2024

Supply Chain Memo

In these uncertain times, a contractual counterparty may face financial distress. In the Supply Chain Memo, we provide a number of practical tips to mitigate the risks of exposure to a counterparty's insolvency.

Directors' Liability Memo

In principle, directors and officers of limited liability companies are not personally liable for the legal acts and duties performed on behalf of the company. However, in specific circumstances, directors can be sued for damages by the company, third parties and/or the bankruptcy administrator ('piercing the corporate veil') with great financial impact. In the Directors' Liability Memo we provide a brief summary of key variants of director's liability under Dutch Law.