Sending e-mails and exchanging files securely via Zivver

Van Benthem & Keulen uses Zivver to send and receive large files. In addition, we use Zivver to send e-mail messages with confidential and privacy-sensitive information using the latest security.

How does Zivver work?

When someone sends an email via Zivver, the system encrypts this message. The message and all attachments are stored on a secure server. As an intended recipient, you will receive a notification that an email has been received. You can then retrieve that email from the Zivver server but must identify yourself with a code. This means that no one other than you can access the message.

How do you open a message sent via Zivver?

If you receive an email from us via Zivver, click on the blue link with the text ‘Click for message’ in the notification. You will then be automatically redirected to the secure environment of Zivver. Here you must enter an access code or SMS code.

Open message with an access code

You have received a secure message. We want to make sure that only you can read the message. Therefore, our employee has provided you with an access code by post, by phone or in person. Click ‘Click for message’ and enter this access code. Now you can read the message. Have you not received an access code? Click the link ‘I don't know my access code’ in the message or contact our employee, the sender of the message.

Open message with SMS code

You have received a message that is protected by a SMS code. Click ‘Click for message’ and then click ‘Get the code’. Then enter the code you receive on your phone. Now you can read the message. You did not receive a text message with a SMS code? Please contact our employee, the sender of the message.

Would you like to respond to an email message received via Zivver?

You can read the message sent via Zivver on a secure web page. If you want to respond to the message securely, you can do so on that web page. Click the ‘Reply’ button. You can type your response directly in the reply field. Using the paperclip button, you can also add an attachment. You send the response by clicking the send button. When the recipient responds, you will receive another notification by email.

Reporting changes to your e-mail address and telephone number

To continue e-mailing and exchanging files with you safely, it is important that you notify us immediately of any changes to your e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Questions about a received email message?

Do you have questions about a received email message or are you unable to open the message you received? Please contact our employee, the sender of the message or your account manager. For the contact details of our employees, please refer to our website,

Questions about Zivver?

Do you have questions about Zivver or do you want to create a free Zivver account so that you no longer have to use a password or SMS code when you receive an email message from us? Then contact Zivver via: [email protected]. To read more about Zivver, please visit

Start a safe message via Zivver

Would you like to send one of our employees a file or email message via Zivver? Then click on the button below.

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