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Cartel damage & Private enforcement

In recent years, an area of expertise has been developing where civil law and competition law overlap: the private enforcement of competition law. This area of expertise includes cartel damage cases and other civil (liability and contractual) disputes where competition law plays a pivotal role.

The Netherlands is one of the most prominent jurisdictions for conducting (pan-European) cartel damage cases as Dutch courts have gained a lot of experience in dealing with these types of cases since 2010. The administration of justice in the Netherlands is known for being swift, efficient and reliable. This is why many international companies, institutions and litigation financiers choose the Netherlands as the country in which to lodge their cartel damage cases, even if the claimed damage was fully or partly incurred outside the Netherlands.

Our approach

The lawyers in our Cartel damage & Private enforcement team provide high-quality and effective services in the private enforcement field. We are specialists in pan-European cartel damage cases. The team is led by Joost Möhlmann, who has represented hundreds of businesses that incurred damage due to the air cargo cartel, the paraffin wax cartel and the sodium chlorate cartel.

Our clients

Our team is currently playing an important role in a pan-European cartel damage case regarding the truck cartel. We are acting as lead counsel to CDC Cartel Damage Claims, the European market leader in the field of cartel damage. CDC has bundled the damage claims of many hundreds of international businesses and lodged proceedings with the District Court of Amsterdam.

Recent case Cartel damage & Private enforcement

  • Pan-European cartel damage case against the trucks cartel (representing CDC)