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Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is becoming increasingly complex. There are more composite families, more official and unofficial cohabitants and there is increasing internationalisation, with the result that heirs are more often faced with a foreign will.

Our approach

You can call on us for advice, but also for handling disputes between heirs or disputes with an executor.

Our highly specialised lawyers have extensive experience in assisting in both national and international succession cases.

Our strength lies in our ability to find an amicable solution for you, also in delicate and complex situations we organize all the possibilities in a structured way for you. Where necessary, however, we do not shy away from going to court.

Our experience

  • Explanation of wills
  • Unconditional acceptance, acceptance by benefit of inventory or disclaimer of interest
  • Overturning of wills
  • Rights of disinherited family members
  • Determining statutory share
  • Division of an inheritance
  • Rights of stepchildren
  • Disputes with the executor or testamentary administrator
  • Inheritance mediation