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Family Law

The number of divorces and cohabitation relationships that end continues to rise. The settlement of divorces is also becoming more complex due to the increasingly complex legal and tax regulations in the area of, for example, settlement of matrimonial agreements, maintenance and pensions. Moreover, relationships are more international: couples are more likely to have different nationalities, work abroad or have their assets abroad.

Our approach

When you are faced with a divorce or termination of your cohabitation, you need the best advice. Whether you need advice prior to taking the decision to divorce, are looking for a lawyer to assist you in family law proceedings or are looking for a mediator to come to an agreement together, you have come to the right place.

Family law is about important decisions and about your future, your children and your financial position. Because of the full service concept offered by Van Benthem & Keulen, the lawyers and (MfN) mediators of the Family Law practice group can seek advice from other practice groups of the firm if necessary.

We ensure good legal and financial arrangements in consultation with the other lawyer, by way of legal proceedings, mediation or collaborative divorce. Besides our expertise, our client services are focused on a strong commitment to your financial and emotional interests.

Our experience

  • (International) Divorce
  • Terminating cohabitation
  • Termination registered partnership
  • Advice on prenuptial agreements
  • Partition of community property
  • Settlement of prenuptial agreements
  • Maintenance
  • Housing
  • Second opinions
  • Custody and contact arrangements
  • International family law
  • Name change, adoption, guardianship and administration matters
  • Surrogacy
  • Advise before and during marriage about matrimonial property regimes
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Mediation (also online)

Our clients

The lawyers of the Family Law practice group represent wealthy private parties, entrepreneurs, liberal professionals, managing directors/major shareholders, top athletes, medical specialists, expats and employed people. We are knowledgeable, practical and solution-oriented.