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A company can run into financial difficulties for various reasons. It is important to identify these difficulties in good time and to address them effectively, as this can limit the company’s loss and prevent an impending bankruptcy.

Our approach

We advise and work on effective solutions and have extensive experience in negotiating with stakeholders such as banks, essential suppliers, tax authorities and shareholders.

Our experience

  • Reorganisation/cost reduction
  • Debt restructuring
  • Composition with creditors
  • Asset stripping
  • Asset and liability transaction

Directors’ and officers’ liability

Every director has a special position within a company, especially a company in financial distress or on the brink of financial distress. A director should always be aware of potential liabilities, taking the company’s into account. Which decisions are still justifiable and which are not? We advise directors in this phase and in the event of actual liability.

Loss minimisation and chances in the event of third-party insolvency

In the event of the insolvency of a third party, it is important that your rights are safeguarded. For example, if your trading partner runs into financial difficulties, we will look for solutions to ensure that any liabilities to you are settled as much as possible or that the loss is minimised. We also help you to seize opportunities in such a situation. For example, we can assist you in restarting the business operations of a bankrupt competitor or trading partner. Our experience in finalising moratoriums and bankruptcies enables us to advise from various angles.


We are not only there for companies in financial distress; we also assist financially healthy companies. We identify future risks and mitigate them if necessary. Especially in good times, there is room to make the company more (cost) efficient. In fact, we make your business ‘bankruptcy-proof’.