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State of the Art

IT Platforms

Services and products are more and more offered via platforms. To operate a successful platform, many complex laws and regulations must be taken into account and solid contracts with IT suppliers are necessary.

Our approach

Our lawyers have a result- and solution-driven approach. Our services are highly specialised and state of the art. We look for a suitable solution for the moment as well as a strategy that delivers the best results in the long term. We are involved with our clients and set great store by a lasting relationship. Our team has extensive experience and knows the playing field, enabling us to deliver high quality in a pragmatic way.

Our experience

We offer ‘360 degree support’ for all platform-related issues, including software development, maintenance and management (both front-end and back-end), hosting services, e-commerce legislation, consumer law, affiliate marketing and privacy and cookie statements.

Our clients

Our team serves national and international companies of various types and sizes with a ''State of the Art'' service. Our client base includes:

  • Software vendors
  • (National) transport companies
  • Healthcare institutions, including (university) hospitals
  • Retailers
  • Banks
  • Financial service providers
  • Fintech companies
  • Educational institutions