Cables and pipes: are uniform regulations required?


In De Gemeentestem, volume 7472 of June 2018 (Gst. 2018/67), Monique Rus-van der Velde and former partner and colleague, Frank Mulder, wrote the article "Cables and pipes: are uniform regulations required?'’.

In this article, Monique and Frank describe the different ways in which installation and re-installation of cables and pipes are provided for in the Netherlands, both in terms of the grounds for installing and in terms of the way in which compensation must be paid in the event of (forced) re-routing of cables and pipes. They also address the question of whether and if so what consequences implementation of legislation on compensation for loss resulting from government decisions and damages resulting from wrongful acts has for current regulations on compensation for loss resulting from government acts, and they discuss whether the Environment and Planning Act improves the current situation. They conclude with some thoughts about a possible solution for this fragmentation in legislation.

You can download the full article below. Please note the article is only available in Dutch. You can of course contact the author of the article for more information. All of our attorneys-at-law speak fluent English and will be happy to help.

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