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Healthcare contracting

Healthcare costs continue to rise and the government is taking targeted action to control costs, which increasingly takes place via parties such as health insurers, healthcare procurement firms and municipalities. We are seeing costs being less and less often controlled by way of price regulation and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), but increasingly via healthcare contracting by health insurers, healthcare procurement firms and municipalities.

Our approach

Our healthcare lawyers have years of specialist experience and knowledge in the field of healthcare contracting, pricing, budget and claim regulation and insured claims. They understand both sides of the scales: on the one hand the need for growth, and on the other the importance of cost control, with the common denominator being the patient's/client's interest in good care. Within these dynamics, they are happy to help you find practical solutions to often complex problems.

Our experience

Legal advice and support in conflicts regarding:

  • Formal & material checks by insurers
  • Healthcare purchasing
  • Obligation to supply third parties
  • Tariffs and budgeting
  • Due diligence
  • Declaration and registration by health care providers

Our clients

We advise and litigate for care providers (healthcare & cure), regional ambulance services (RAVs) and home care providers in disputes with health insurers, healthcare procurement firms and municipalities. We also advise and litigate for healthcare clients in pricing and budget disputes with the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Our specialist Healthcare & Social Domain team regularly represents independent treatment centres, start-ups and foreign care providers as well.

Recent cases Healthcare contracting

  • Proceedings on the merits against a health insurer about the unlawful termination of a healthcare contract and the health insurer’s refusal to conclude new healthcare agreements
  • Conducting objection and appeal proceedings against the Dutch Healthcare Authority on behalf of regional ambulance services (RAVs) regarding the regulation of prices and budget for ambulance healthcare
  • Assisting care providers and home care institutions in disputes with health insurers about the results of material and formal checks of healthcare claims