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Youth care & Social support

Since 2015, municipalities have been given new and partly changed tasks and powers in the field of youth care and social support. In practice, this leads to a variety of issues and disputes between parties such as municipalities, youth assistance providers and social support providers. This can easily lead to conflicts between municipalities and providers on issues such as funding, claims accountability and the quality of the youth care and/or services provided.

Our approach

Our specialist team advises and litigates on behalf of municipalities, youth assistance providers and social support providers. They are aware of the potential opportunities and risks that arise, so they can achieve optimal results for you. What to do in case of a discussion between the municipality and a provider about the scope of an indication or the performance of an agreement? What are the options to refuse a personal care budget and how high should the personal care budget rates be? What must the municipality investigate in response to a notification/application and what requirements does this investigation have to meet? Our lawyers will be happy to help you find practical solutions to these complex problems.

Our experience

Legal advice and support in conflicts regarding:

  • Appeals procedures concerning health care provision within the social domain (youth and municipal care)
  • Health care contracting between municipalities and health care providers
  • Matters of health care policy within the social domain

Our clients

Municipalities, youth assistance providers and social support providers.