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General Health Law & Patient Rights

General health law includes various healthcare-specific laws and regulations outlining the legal position of patients and healthcare professionals, including the Individual Healthcare Professions Act, which sets out the rights and obligations of healthcare professionals. The principal rights and obligations of patients in relation to care providers are regulated by the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO). Examples are:

  • A healthcare provider’s obligation to keep a medical file
  • The right of inspection of a patient’s file
  • The professional confidentiality of the healthcare provider

Our approach

How far rights and obligations extend in actual cases of diagnosis and treatment is not always clear and can therefore lead to conflicts of interest or legal-ethical dilemmas. Our specialists assist healthcare institutions and individual professionals in various problems, disputes and proceedings arising from the treatment setting. The starting point is to avoid unnecessary legal proceedings and to look for pragmatic out-of-court solutions by entering into discussions with the parties involved.

Our specialists are members of the Association for Health Law (VGR).

Our experience

Legal advice and support in conflicts regarding:

  • Access to confidential medical files
  • Permits in the context of the Wbmv
  • Temporary Act on Ambulance Care and Transportation

Our clients

Care providers (healthcare & cure), the medical and medical devices industry, municipal authorities and healthcare entrepreneurs.

Recent cases General Health Law & Patient Rights

  • Interlocutory proceedings on issue of DNA
  • Advising on “Veilig Thuis” notification and scope of patient file
  • Advising a tissue bank on the rights and obligations in relation to stored bodily material