ESG & Supply Chain

Globalisation and outsourcing of labour, among others, make supply chains potentially more difficult to control and fathom. Many companies want to ensure that their suppliers meet their ESG targets and/or will (in the future) be required to ensure that all parties in the chain comply with ESG regulations. For supply chain management and contracts with suppliers, ESG targets are therefore becoming increasingly important. Do you know what regulations may be coming your way and what impact they will have on your supply chain or contractual arrangements with your suppliers? How are you preparing for this?

What to look out for/ practical tips

  • Make sure you are well informed about the role of ESG within your company's supply chain
  • Look closely at what ESG obligations your company has and what you can or should expect from your suppliers and buyers

What can van Benthem & Keulen do for you

Our ESG team will keep you up to date regarding the arrival or amendment of laws and regulations and the impact this has on business operations. We can also advise on the obligations you have as a company and how these affect agreements with suppliers and customers.

Our multidisciplinary ESG team consists of specialists who, on the one hand, have specialist knowledge in their field and, on the other, have extensive knowledge of ESG and its laws and regulations. They are used to working together and from the challenges and issues within a company. As a result, they can think along with you about your current situation in a very specific and business-oriented way and can quickly identify which new ESG obligations apply specifically to your company.

Do you have questions about ESG developments or implementing ESG rules in your company? If so, please feel free to contact one of our specialists at without any obligation.