ESG & Employership

ESG also plays an (increasing) role in the employment relationship. There are various European and national laws that impose obligations on employers and social issues that employers cannot (anymore) avoid. For instance:

  • Equal treatment legislation, the draft law on equal pay for men and women and the draft law on monitoring equal opportunities in recruitment and selection
  • The Whistleblowers Protection Act
  • Preventing and addressing transgressive behaviour in the workplace and developments in that area, such as the private member's bill in relation to making a confidential counsellor compulsory and the Guide to Reporting Sexual Transgressive Behaviour in the Workplace
  • Offering green and healthy working conditions and the envisaged introduction of business and commuting registration requirements from 1 January 2024

How are you dealing with this within your company? What commitments have you already implemented? How do you ensure that important topics live within your company? 

What can van Benthem & Keulen do for you?

Our ESG team can help you identify which ESG employment law obligations currently apply or will apply to your company. This could include the introduction or updating of whistleblower regulations and policies around preventing and enforcing undesirable behaviour in the workplace.

Our multidisciplinary ESG team consists of specialists who, on the one hand, have specialist knowledge in their field and, on the other, have extensive knowledge of ESG and its laws and regulations. They are used to working together and from the challenges and issues within a company. As a result, they can think along with you about your current situation in a very specific and company-oriented way and can quickly identify which new ESG obligations apply specifically to your company and your HR policy.

Do you have questions about employment law developments in ESG or implementing ESG rules in your organisation? If so, please contact us without obligation.