ESG & Retail

In Retail, ESG is playing an increasingly important role. Firstly, because sustainability is increasingly a criterion for consumers when buying products or services. Companies respond to this by propagating their ESG policy and stating how sustainable their products and services are. This also results in Europe increasingly seeking to regulate consumer protection in this area. Speaking examples of initiatives are the proposals for:

  • A European Sustainability Claims Directive; and
  • A European Directive to promote repair of goods.

What to look out for / practical tips

  • How does your organisation handle the role of ESG within retail
  • What obligations are already in place or to be implemented
  • Keeps important topics such as ESG alive within your organisation

What can van Benthem & Keulen do for you?

Our ESG team keeps you up to date regarding the arrival or amendment of laws and regulations and the impact this has on business operations. We can also advise on whether business operations are compliant with existing or upcoming laws and regulations.

Our multidisciplinary ESG team consists of specialists who, on the one hand, have specialist knowledge in their field and, on the other, have extensive knowledge of ESG and its laws and regulations. They are used to collaborating and working from the challenges and issues within an organisation. As a result, they can think along with you about your current situation in a very specific and organisation-specific way and can quickly identify which new ESG obligations apply specifically to your organisation.

Do you have questions about ESG developments or implementing ESG rules in your company? If so, please contact one of our specialists without obligation.