Mervyn Odink
Notary | Partner Commercial Real Estate

Mervyn Odink

Notary | Partner Commercial Real Estate

Mervyn Odink has been working at Van Benthem & Keulen in the Notarial team since March 2016 and as a partner since 2018. He was sworn in as a civil-law notary in November 2020. Mervyn specializes in real estate transactions.

What distinguishes Mervyn, is that he engages with clients at an early stage to prevent problems (and losses) and find a solution that benefits the client more quickly.

Mervyn has worked in the Notarial practice since 1999, focusing on real estate transactions.


  • Drafting and negotiating property purchase contracts
  • Drafting transfer deeds and mortgage deeds
  • Creating easements, ground leases and issuing rights of superficies
  • Execution sale of property
  • Property sale by tender
  • Apartment rights
  • Transfer tax
  • Turnover tax

About Mervyn Odink

In 2007, Mervyn took the postgraduate Grotius course in Immovable Property, passing cum laude.

Mervyn is a member of the Property Lawyers Association, the Apartment Right Lawyers Association and the Utrecht Real Estate Society.