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Financial litigation

The world of finance is being confronted with increasing regulatory pressure, and judges who are placing ever-higher demands on financial institutions, pursuant to their duty of care and European regulation. Moreover, financial institutions have been given the role to safeguard a sound and ethical financial sector. For example, do you possess the requisite expertise on financial-economic criminality?

Our approach

Financial markets and products are dynamic and require specialist, up-to-date expertise. Expertise that Van Benthem & Keulen has with its Financial Litigation specialists.

We combine our specialist expertise with a transparent outlook. We are engaged and place immense value on long-term business relations with our clients. Knowledge-sharing and making our clients aware of future developments come as second nature to us. Our expertise and clear strategy ensure we attain first-class, efficient solutions.

Our experience

  • Proceedings on the termination of (syndicated) credit agreements, compliance with letters of comfort and violation of contractual guarantees
  • Proceedings on prospectus liability, securities services and investment-linked insurance policies
  • Proceedings on enforcement of security interests
  • Proceedings on interest rate swaps (error of fact, duty of care and damages)
  • Proceedings on revision and refixing clauses in credit documentation
  • Proceedings on investment advice and asset management
  • Proceedings on interest margins
  • Proceedings on interest margins
  • Fraud proceedings

Our clients

We assist financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, leasing companies and funds in legal proceedings. Examples of proceeding could relate to the non-performance of credit obligations, fraud, alleged misleading sale of financial products, duty of care claims and the foreclosure of security interests.

Recent cases Financial Litigation

  • Representing two Dutch major banks in a large number of (interlocutory) proceedings on issues such as credit cancellation/termination, enforcement of security interests, bank fraud, suretyship, joint and several liability, duty of care towards borrowers, duty of care towards third parties and on revision and refixing clauses
  • Representing a number of major lease companies in proceedings on various leasing forms and contracts