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Spatial Planning & The Environment

How are we going to divide and redevelop our living environment? That is the enormous challenge that our society now faces. Climate change adaptation is becoming increasingly important and has a major impact on spatial development and planning. And for you the question is: How do you respond to this as a company or government institution?

Our approach

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of spatial planning and the environment. We are well versed in the regulations and case law that are important to you and closely follow the developments surrounding the new Environment and Planning Act. We strive for sustainable relationships with our clients.

Our experience

  • Land-use and integration plans
  • Environmental permits
  • Enforcement
  • Environmental, water, nature and soil issues
  • Energy
  • External safety

Our clients

We advise and litigate (for and against the government) on all aspects of the physical living environment, such as land-use and integration plans, environmental permits, enforcement and issues relating to the environment (including odour, noise and air quality), energy (such as reducing CO2 emissions), external safety, water, nature and soil.

Recent cases Spatial Planning & The Environment

  • Assisting a developer in land-use plan proceedings for the development of a housing estate
  • Advising a municipality on the decision-making for the construction of a wind farm
  • Conducting proceedings for a municipality in connection with appeals lodged against a granted all-in-one permit for physical aspects