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The expropriation act allows the government to expropriate land that it cannot acquire voluntarily. Expropriation can take place for the purposes of a zoning plan, residential area, business park, construction of infrastructure or a nature or recreation area, or dike reinforcement projects and flood protection.

Our approach

Our experienced team consists of three top expropriation lawyers, two of whom, Frank Mulder and Monique Rus-van der Velde, are also authors of Het Handboek Onteigening (The Expropriation Handbook) and regularly teach expropriation law. Frank Mulder also acts as an independent court expert.

In 2021 the new Environment and Planning Act will come into force and prompt many changes for you as a government institution. Our team will be happy to advise you on the practical consequences of these changes.

Our experience

The activities that we as Van Benthem & Keulen perform in relation to environmental law and expropriation cover the entire process, starting with negotiations prior to an administrative procedure or making strategic choices. We help you draw up the factual descriptions and prepare the representation at the hearing of the Crown. We also conduct the legal proceedings for you.

Our clients

Our experienced team of specialists assists both landowners and governments.