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Area Development

Current events play an important role in area development. Energy transition, for example, is currently leading to major innovations and changes. Living, working and recreation are cast in other forms. Our society is becoming ever greener and the transition to organic area development is an important trend.

Partnerships between market parties and the government are at the heart of area development. This collaboration determines the success of a project. Rights, obligations, risks and opportunities must therefore be allocated in a balanced way.

Area development is about creating the world of tomorrow. It requires constantly making choices at the interface of public and private law. Political and financial influences also play a major role.

Our approach

Our team is happy to use all the expertise and experience we have available to achieve the results you require.

Our experience

Our clients

We work for public sector and semi-public institutions and companies, with the emphasis being on project developers, municipalities, water boards, the (renewable) energy sector and the retail sector.

Recent cases Area Development

  • Advising project developers on the realisation of wind farms and solar farms
  • Advising a municipality on the transformation of a former hospital site to a housing location
  • Assisting a municipality in the relocation of a ship repair yard
  • Advising and assisting a project developer in the development of a holiday park