Van Benthem & Keulen Partner of ‘Clearing House’ Pro Bono Connect


Van Benthem & Keulen entered into a partnership with the Dutch ‘clearing house’ Pro Bono Connect in early 2018. This is a platform that connects NGOs that need pro bono services with law firms offering those services. Pro Bono Connect focuses in particular on issues with a human rights or social component.

Van Benthem & Keulen and thirteen other law firms, including several of the largest law firms in the Netherlands, are now part of Pro Bono Connect. Through Pro Bono Connect we will handle cases in the field of administrative law.

Based on its social position and responsibility, Van Benthem & Keulen attaches great value to working for organisations that advocate or support a social interest. With our participation in Pro Bono Connect, we want to increase access to legal aid by making our knowledge and expertise available to organisations that do not have the funds to pay for legal aid.

For more information about our collaboration with Pro Bono Connect, please contact:

Bastiaan Wallage
+31 30 25 95 553
[email protected]