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Companies and institutions are not the only entities that are subject to competition law. It also applies to public and semi-public authorities and public-private partnerships when they offer products and services on the market. When is this the case and what should you take into account?

Is your government institution considering providing financing or other benefits to market parties? The state aid rules must then be taken into account. Do not be put off by these rules. They offer many options to financially support projects in various sectors.

Our approach

Our specialists can map out the options for you and will be happy to assist you with their implementation. In addition, our team regularly gives courses on how to apply the state aid rules in practice.

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In addition to government institutions, the Competition & EU team also advises other (market) parties on the application of state aid law and the Public Enterprises (Market Activities) Act. For example, aid recipients or their competitors may have an interest in examining whether an aid measure has been lawfully granted in a given situation.