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Compliance & Dawn Raids


Developments in competition law are happening at lightning speed. This means that the legislator and the competition authority have to deal with aspects like digitisation. Rules on online behaviour, such as geo-blocking, have recently been laid down in legislation and regulations. In addition, competition authorities no longer focus only on traditional cartel arrangements, but also increasingly on vertical arrangements, including arrangements between suppliers and distributors. The increasing digitisation will continue to pose challenges to competition law. For example, are certain applications of algorithms permissible under competition law?

To keep you updated on these developments and to help ensure that your company is and remains compliant, our experts regularly give compliance training courses. As we also take into account the market developments in your sector, our compliance training courses are always tailored to your needs.

Dawn raids

When your company is confronted with a company visit by a competition authority, this has a major impact on your organisation. What should you do? What are your rights and obligations? These are all questions you can prepare for, but many companies also require advice and guidance on this.

Our approach

Our experts are ready to support your company during a company visit. Our team can also provide training to prepare you for a raid by a regulatory authority. In addition, Van Benthem & Keulen offers the VBK Dawn Raid Manual: a customised online web application that enables your organisation and employees to respond adequately to a raid by an authority.

Our experience

  • Support during a company visit
  • Preparation for a raid by a regulatory authority

Legal tech: Dawn raid manual

The VBK Dawn Raid Manual enables your organisation to respond adequately to a raid by one (or more) of the seven different authorities, such as the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM), the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA).

The Dawn Raid Manual is tailored to your specific wishes and needs. We also give workshops for the employees in your organisation that may be faced with a Dawn Raid, such as the spokesman, IT specialist, receptionist, supervisor and assistant.

Our clients

We work for medium-sized and listed companies that may have to deal with regulatory authorities of various kinds in regulated markets.