Utrecht Law Clinic

For businesses

A new or small business, whether it is a start-up or a scale-up, can encounter all kinds of legal problems. Specialised advice is critical, but not affordable for everyone. How do you protect yourself and your business?

Your legal challenge

You can turn to the Law Clinic for a wide range of legal challenges. Depending on your organisation, this might be advice on contract law, corporate law, intellectual property law, employment law, administrative law or procurement law. The scope of advice will be coordinated with the Law Clinic Foundation Board, which, moreover, reserves the right not to act on a request for advice.

Utrecht Law Clinic for Start-ups en scale-ups

Curious about the experiences of start-ups with Utrecht Law Clinic? Watch the video in which two start-ups share their experience with Utrecht Law Clinic.


Utrecht Law Clinic START UPS

Legal assistance provided by excellent Utrecht law students

The Utrecht Law Clinic offers start-ups and scale-ups from the Utrecht region the opportunity to submit legal challenges you come across in the course of your business to law students. Under the pro bono guidance of our lawyers and/or junior civil-law notaries and/or university lecturers from the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University, the selected students will provide you with legal advice on how to avoid potential legal risks or assist you in legal proceedings. At the same time, you provide these students with the opportunity to gain practical experience.

Students of the Utrecht Law Clinic will consider your legal issue in depth and for a prolonged period of time before coming back to you with sound legal advice. 

Affordable legal advice

The Clinic charges a one-time fee of €75 for their legal advice. This symbolic amount is used to cover expenses, e.g. the travel expenses for students. The staff of Utrecht University and Van Benthem and Keulen supervise the students pro bono. The Law Clinic Foundation, with whom you may conclude a contract for legal advice, operates on a non-profit basis.

You can read more about the handling of your legal challenge on the page selection criteria. Would you like to apply as a business? Then click here. (This information is only available in Dutch).


Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact Marcel Ruygvoorn.