Van Benthem & Keulen launches its own podcast “Licht op Legal”


Today, 14 January 2020, Van Benthem & Keulen introduces its own podcast ‘Licht op Legal’ (‘Light on Legal’).

Licht op Legal is a fortnightly podcast by Van Benthem & Keulen. In 15 minutes Van Benthem & Keulen’s legal experts discuss current legal developments, pragmatically translated into their impact on organisations.

Each episode focuses on one legal subject. After a brief presentation of the subject and most recent case law, practical examples and the most important do’s and don’ts are discussed. The podcasts are no-nonsense, clear and focused on practice.

Licht op Legal is aimed at corporate lawyers, government lawyers, HR managers and other legal professionals such as CFOs.

Director Johan Koggink says, “Sharing knowledge takes centre stage at Van Benthem & Keulen. We already do this with our ongoing training IURA ACTUA for company lawyers, our Labour Law Master Class for HR Managers and our Legal Updates, all as part of our free service concept. We see podcasting as a great addition to these channels of knowledge sharing.” Marketing manager Carida Kleijn says, “We also continue to innovate in order to provide our target groups with relevant information on current legal issues. Our podcasting offers our target groups the possibility to listen to our podcast on-demand. You decide where, when. So it’s very efficient and practical!”

The introduction of Licht op Legal includes 3 live episodes:

  • Episode 1: Dismissal under the Balanced Labour Market Act: What does that mean in terms of negotiating position? by Anne Haverkort, partner and lawyer Employment & Pensions
  • Episode 2: Negotiations broken off: What was it again? What should you pay attention to? And an update of the latest case law by Marcel Ruygvoorn, partner and  lawyer Commercial contracting & Dispute resolution 
  • Episode 3: The GDPR: when are you jointly responsible and how do you arrange that? by Elze ‘t Hart, lawyer Information technology & Privacy

Licht op Legal can be found via Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other podcast app. You can also visit

Please note that the podcasts are in Dutch only.