Van Benthem & Keulen officially Legal partner of Stichting Medical Business


As from 1 January 2018, Van Benthem & Keulen officially is Legal partner of Stichting Medical Business. This foundation was established by young healthcare professionals who aim to acquire more knowledge and expertise concerning the non-medical side of healthcare. Within that context projects are organised, among other things, at various healthcare institutions, as part of which Medical Business project teams, composed of medical and non-medical professionals, can tackle healthcare-related business issues (Medical Business Projects). Van Benthem & Keulen supports this initiative by helping the teams solve legal issues that arise during the projects.

One of the other Medical Business pillars is the organisation of the Masterclass Roadshow. During this roadshow, three in-depth themed evenings take place at different locations linked to the theme of the evening in question. The goal is to have healthcare professionals learn more about non-medical themes with which they will be dealing in the future during these evenings. On 19 April 2018 the roadshow will take place at our Utrecht office. Van Benthem & Keulen will prepare a programme lasting the whole evening that will incorporate various legal healthcare themes.

The precise content of the programme and the (external) speakers of this evening will be announced at a later time.