About vanDienst

Top-notch legal services must be accompanied by matching client services. Van Benthem & Keulen has developed a service concept named vanDienst ('atyourService'): the sum total of 6 services which, together, are unique in the legal and civil law notary practice.

vanDienst is available at no cost to corporate, public and institutional organizations.
The vanDienst telephone number is: +31 (0)30 259 5678.

What does vanDienst have to offer you?

All of our vanDienst services are available at no cost for corporate, public and institutional organizations. You can download the vanDienst brochure here.

You are warmly invited to try vanDienst. We are glad to be atyourService!

Any use of vanDienst is governed by our General Terms and Conditions. These are available at www.vbk.nl and will be sent to you at no cost upon request.