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The sports sector is moving fast. More than 50% of the Dutch population exercises at least once a week. Sport is increasingly being used as a means to achieving social goals. The government encourages sport too as it has been proven that plenty of exercise and movement lowers the risk of health problems, not only physical ones but mental ones too. You can also see that exercise is increasingly becoming an individual affair; fitness and running are becoming more popular by the day. These developments in sport, but developments in society too, have changed the role of sports clubs. They are becoming more professional and joining up with other sports clubs, physiotherapists, schools and entrepreneurs. As a result, organisations in the sports sector are growing in size and becoming more professional, which confronts them with ever more complex matters that require legal assistance.

Another development is the further digitisation of sport, both in the world of professional sport and outside it. Apps for checking your speed and heart rate and comparing performance have rapidly become commonplace. Everything revolves around using data to improve performance. The digitisation of society has also led to new forms of sport: e-sport (electronic sport), for example, is increasingly on the rise. How do you deal with these changes? 

The legal professionals in our Sport sector team are familiar with the sports sector because they played sport at the highest levels themselves, because they are active in the sports sector, and/or because they did research in the sports sector.

Sport and law is a field that encompasses many different legal areas of expertise. Our close-knit multidisciplinary team can assist you with every legal challenge you may encounter. From IT/Privacy regarding sports data and digitisation to employment law and from real estate to liability. This can be done by providing legal assistance in proceedings, but naturally also by giving advice or acting as a sparring partner.


  • Sport and health law
  • Organisational structures and the law of associations
  • Spatial planning and traffic surrounding sports clubs
  • Data and privacy
  • Intellectual property law, media law and portrait rights
  • Permits and the environment
  • Liability and insurance
  • Disciplinary law
  • Governance
  • Liability of directors, officers and supervisory directors
  • Employment law and sport, Financial Fair Play Rules
  • Mediation
  • Sponsorship contracts