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Dispute resolution within family businesses

Disputes within family businesses are generally of a personal and far-reaching nature. They affect not only family relationships, but also the relationships within the business. Within the family business, these disputes generally have an impact at different levels: the shareholders' meeting, the management board and – if there is one – the supervisory board. The consequences that disputes have for decision-making and business operations, and the continuity of both, can be severe. What do you do if a dispute arises within your business?

Our approach

Van Benthem & Keulen has a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who are dedicated to preventing, resolving and settling every conceivable conflict that may arise within a family business. They combine their legal knowledge with extensive experience in negotiating conflicts within family businesses. The team's working method is characterised by a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach in which the client's interests always come first. Our approach focuses on achieving the best possible solution for the client in the shortest possible time.

What can you contact us for? 

  • Phrasing provisions in a family charter, amplified in articles of association, regulations and contracts that aim to address and resolve conflicts as early as possible
  • Advising and negotiating in conflict situations
  • Assistance in legal proceedings, such as those before the ordinary courts or the Enterprise Chamber, through arbitration or binding advice, but also through mediation

Who do we work for?

We work for several national and international family businesses in a variety of sectors.