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Corporate governance within the family business

The strength of the family business lies in the influence that family and business exert over each other. From the point of view of good governance and supervision (family business governance), it is very important that the legal structure of the family business takes into account the composition of the family, the involvement of individual family members and the role and influence of any outsiders. How have you laid down mutual agreements on structuring consultations and decision-making, succession and transfer processes, and the balance between family and outsiders in the bodies of the family business?

Our approach

Governance within the family business is about governing and overseeing all aspects of that business. Laying down mutual agreements in a legally sound manner is essential in that regard. Our lawyers, civil-law notaries and junior civil-law notaries have extensive experience in corporate governance and have a no-nonsense mentality. We serve as a pragmatic sounding board for directors, supervisory board members and corporate lawyers. Our advice is practical and solution-oriented. We prove our added value by quickly deciding on the path to follow while considering the continuously changing laws and regulations.

What can you contact us for? 

  • Establishing a family charter that lays down topics of importance to the family and the family business, such as the future and objectives of the business, maintaining norms and values important to the family, control and leadership, vision with regard to business operations, career perspectives for family members within the business, succession and transfer as well as information exchange and decision-making within the family
  • Establishing a corresponding governance structure within the company
  • Drafting and amending articles of association and regulations
  • Drafting shareholder agreements, management agreements, employment contracts, etc.
  • Laying down arrangements in wills, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, gift administration, divorce agreements, etc.

Who do we work for?

We work for several national and international family businesses in a variety of sectors.