Partnerships and Sponsoring Van Benthem & Keulen

Van Benthem & Keulen has been working together with various partners and sponsoring a number of sports clubs for many years. This is fuelled by our social and local engagement and our affinity with sport.

Pro Bono Connect

At the beginning of 2018, Van Benthem & Keulen started a partnership with the Dutch clearinghouse Pro Bono Connect, a platform that links non-governmental organisations to law firms for pro-bono work. Pro Bono Connect focuses on human rights questions and public benefits issues.

Given our position in society and social engagement, Van Benthem & Keulen attaches great importance to working for organisations that pursue or support a social interest. Our participation in Pro Bono Connect is an expression of our desire to share our legal knowledge and expertise with organisations for which such resources would otherwise be unavailable.

Cooperation with Utrecht University

Van Benthem & Keulen and Utrecht University work closely together and have been partners for many years. Apart from their cooperation in the areas of teaching positions, doctoral degree programmes and recruitment of new talent, Van Benthem & Keulen and Utrecht University together established the Utrecht Law Clinic.

Utrecht Law Clinic

Launched on 18 June 2020, the Utrecht Law Clinic brings together talented law students from Utrecht and new businesses (start-ups and scale-ups in the Utrecht region).

Utrecht Law Clinic’s goal is enabling law students to acquire relevant work experience and providing sound legal advice and litigation assistance to young business owners, all of which is done under the professional pro-bono guidance of Utrecht University’s law professors and Van Benthem & Keulen’s legal professionals.

If your business is a start-up or scale-up in the Utrecht region and interested in the Utrecht Law Clinic, or you would like to sign up to it, please click here.


Van Benthem & Keulen likes to promote sport because we have an affinity with it. We too focus on delivering top-performance, constantly seeking to improve ourselves and working both individually and in teams. Sport also brings people together. Hence our sportsmanlike approach and our encouragement of employees to engage in sports such as tennis, running and cycling. Van Benthem & Keulen also sponsors and is a legal partner of the following:

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