Retail Sector Team

The attorneys, civil-law notaries and deputy civil-law notaries of the Retail sector team are a close-knit team of legal specialists whose long-standing experience has given them wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of the retail sector. They know the players in this sector well and advise them on all legally relevant issues. The team is on top of market developments and maps their possible impact on the various players in the sector. In this regard the team benefits from contributions made by well-informed market experts.

Recent work

  • Permanent advisory services and assistance for a large retail organisation with regard to its real estate, both as regards landlord and tenant law and in relation to proprietary branches
  • Advising on and overseeing acquisitions of several branches for a large retail organisation
  • Permanent advisory services for larger retail organisations with regard to all personnel issues, underpinned by our knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreements in the retail sector
  • Advising a large retail organisation on the legal structure and execution of their distribution network in the Netherlands
  • Advising large retail organisations in optimising employee co determination and discussions with employee representative bodies

Areas of expertise

  • Liability
  • Employment law, including co-determination
  • Contracts, including franchise contracts
  • Intellectual property
  • M&A, including competition
  • Property
  • Permits and the environment
  • Packaging and waste


  • IURA ACTUA, CPD courses for company lawyers