Government Sector Team

The attorneys of the Government sector team have worked for many government agencies over the year. Generally, they deal with the relevant government lawyers. This long-standing expertise enables them to offer you solutions that are both quick and cost-efficient. The sector team handles matters of administrative law and civil law for governments and semi-public agencies - with a proper understanding of and good feeling for the political context. If your interests so require, they can handle the matter for you in a multidisciplinary fashion, given our firm's full-service capabilities.

Recent work

  • Vacation of a large events complex for the construction of a residential area
  • Company relocation to enable completion of part of a Vinex location
  • Assisting in, and helping to shape, the revitalisation of the Beukbergen mobile home community
  • Legal proceedings for the development of retail trade at a peripheral location
  • Assisting in the design of mixed-use accommodations and drafting the relevant contracts
  • Comprehensive procedure for a municipality in relation to a sand extraction/contracting agreement with a major building company
  • (Independent) advice regarding compensation for loss resulting from government (planning) decisions

Areas of expertise

  • Procurement Law
  • General Administrative Law
  • Municipal taxes
  • Enforcement and recovery of costs
  • Wrongful government act
  • Expropriation and Dutch Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act
  • Vacation and closure of premises
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPS)
  • Spatial planning and zoning law
  • Subsidies


  • IURA ACTUA Government