Jurrien  Langeveld


I started working as a lawyer at Van Benthem & Keulen in 2016. Before that I worked for over 4 years as a lawyer in Nijmegen, where I specialised in procurement law, real estate development and construction law.

For clients I like to work as efficiently as possible towards the best solution. That is always bespoke work. Involvement and creativity are therefore very important to me. 


I am a member of the Property & Government practice group and I give advice and litigate in the following subareas:

  • Procurement law
  • Construction law
  • Property / Real Estate

Membership and other activities

  • Member of the Junior Chamber (JCI) at Nijmegen
  • Member of the Netherlands Association of Construction Law Lawyers (VBR-A)
  • Member of the Netherlands Tender Law Association
  • Member Utrecht Construction Society
  • Annotator for Jurisprudentie Aanbestedingsrecht (JAAN) 

Examples of recent services

  • Assisting DHL in the sale of a logistic hub