ICT & Privacy

Our lawyers have amassed a great deal of experience in all areas of expertise that can be generally said to be part of an ICT practice (including IT contracts, privacy law, e-commerce, Internet law, procurement law and telecommunications law). We advise, conduct legal proceedings and arrange contracts in all these areas.

We are especially experienced when it comes to sourcing-related projects. This includes not only outsourcing (of IT or business processes), cloud computing, offshoring (of software development, for example) but also wholesale communication services, for instance. We also advise on the tender documentation, tender process and tender strategy, draw up the contracts and assist with the negotiations. We have a great deal of experience on both the client side of the process and the provider side. Our experience with sourcing also includes tender processes for complex IT projects that are covered by the Dutch Tendering Act.

In recent years, privacy law has become an ever more important part of the ICT practice. Privacy issues relate to such matters as the lawfulness of data processing, international data transfers and general compliance projects for multinational companies.

Areas of expertise

Recent cases

  • Assisting with a tender for a framework agreement for data centre housing services and cloud computing services for a big bank
  • Drafting and negotiating a business process outsourcing agreement for an Indian service provider with a Dutch telecommunications company
  • Drafting and negotiating global telecom outsourcing contracts for a big bank
  • Drafting and negotiating an MVNO contract (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) for a Dutch insurer 
  • Drafting and negotiating an MVNO contract (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) for a major American operator 
  • Advising European operators of high-speed lines on a complex system integration project with a firm of IT specialists
  • Privacy compliance projects, including for Japanese automation and electronics companies and for a non-profit organisation


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