Corporate Litigation

The attorneys in the Corporate Litigation practice group are specialists. They have gained broad-ranging experience dealing with disputes between, for example, shareholders, supervisory boards and other corporate bodies. There are several ways to force a breakthrough in such cases. The Enterprise Section of the Amsterdam Court and preliminary relief judges often play a crucial role in that respect. The practice group will help you to achieve your goals - with traditional means, but also by more innovative means such as arbitration and mediation.

Recent work

  • Forcing an investigation of an association by the Enterprise Section. This was a landmark case in which this was allowed for the first time (FOCWA)
  • Breakthrough for the heiress of a large company who had been left empty-handed by means of certain protective structures
  • Proceedings involving the liability of board members of Landis, a large conglomerate
  • As mediator, resolving a dispute concerning a claim for 22 million euros in connection with an international takeover in the automotive industry
  • Arbitrating a dispute between two consortiums of companies that wanted to bring their joint venture to an end

Special areas of expertise

  • Director's and officer's liability
  • The right of inquiry
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Disputes between the company and its shareholders
  • Disputes within institutions
  • Co-determination law
  • Shareholder buyouts


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