Corporate Restructuring/Insolvency

The attorneys in the Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency practice group are specialists in finding solutions and executing rescue operations when a company finds itself in financial dire straits. Processes like these are often accompanied by legal problems in various areas. The attorneys of the practice group have the requisite knowledge and, moreover, are highly experienced with restructuring and reorganising companies. They advise, litigate and also assist board members. Many cases have international aspects. Our strong international network provides you with all the expertise required to settle such matters successfully. The attorneys in the practice group are regularly appointed by the court in the event of suspension of payments and insolvency.

Recent work 

In recent years we have been involved in the preparation or settlement of the following high-profile cases concerning insolvency and/or suspension of payments:

  • Samas
  • Van Hoogevest
  • Kroymans
  • Golden Tulip
  • Midreth