Employment contract or contract for services? Deliveroo: concerns about delivery


In Tijdschrift Conflict Management (TC) 2019, no. 6, Wouter van der Boon wrote the article ‘Arbeidsovereenkomst of overeenkomst van opdracht? Deliveroo: zorgen over bezorgen.’ (Employment contract or contract for services? Deliveroo: concerns about delivery).

In November 2017 Deliveroo decided to no longer contract its delivery workers as employees, but to sign a contract for services with them. Are these delivery workers suddenly entrepreneurs or should Deliveroo treat them as employees? Even the judges of the District Court of Amsterdam disagree on this.

The District Court of Amsterdam handed down two judgments, finding both in favour of and against Deliveroo respectively. In this article Wouter discusses these two judgments and considers the consequences of the uncertainty that has arisen.

You can download the full article below. Please note the article is only available in Dutch. You can of course contact the author of the article for more information. All our lawyers speak fluent English and wille be happy to help.

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